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There’s no doubt about it, PKR truly adds something new to the world of online poker with its realistic 3D graphics. However, as a fairly new poker room (launched in the fall of 2006) PKR has yet to attract very many players. Also, you need a fast computer to handle PKR’s CPU demanding software.

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PKR Info

Rakeback: 30%

  • Rake Payout: Your money is automatically transferred by PKR to your poker account , between the 1st and 10th the following month
  • Rake Stats Updates on RRR: Daily - available when you sign in to your member-accoubt.
  • Rake Calculation: Rake is calculated by the contributed method. Rake per person is determined by their actual contribution to the pot. Players that are involved in many pots benefit from this system where they don’t have to share their rakeback with the tight players.


  • Sign-up Bonus: 50% up to $250
  • Jurisdiction: UK
  • U.S. Players: No
  • Network: PKR

Player Volume

  • Low Stakes: Low
  • Mid Stakes: No
  • High Stakes: No
  • SNGs: Low
  • MTTs: Low

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Use the above link and follow the sign up instructions on to sign up for rakeback.

Full Review

PKR has one big selling point. They offer the most realistic software in the business. Players can design their own avatars by changing the hair style, clothes, facial structure etc. At the table these avatars can do a wide range of things. You can make your character clap hands, get upset, do thumbs-up or cry over a bad beat just to mention a few of the things. This is very entertaining, especially in the beginning. Graphically, this poker room offers something that is unique in a business full of clones.

I had some trouble when I first downloaded the software. I am not a computer expert, far from it, but I usually succeed when trying to install poker software. When I tried to start PKR my computer went crazy. All the icons on my desktop became gigantic and I couldn’t even open a word-document. I don’t know who is to blame here, me or PKR, but it was an unpleasant experience.

Before you choose a poker room you have to examine what you want. Do you want a graphic experience better than all other poker rooms combined; PKR is the room for you. However, do you play at multiple tables and want a poker table that is easily overviewed, you should probably choose another poker room

PKR is a new site and therefore has few active players. You can only find games at low and micro limits but when players start to enjoy PKR’s graphical features the site will probably grow.

Rake Info

Unfortunately PKR has not provided us with any further rake info.