Poker RakeBack Review

Many players have asked me "Why should I sign up for a rakeback deal? I only play at poker rooms when I have a bonus to clear." There are several different answers to this. For a player who only plays a few hours a week and barely has time to clear the Party Poker and skins bonuses then right now there is not much of a difference. What if these bonuses dry up? What if one day you decide to become a professional poker player? A serious player needs to leave at least a couple of major poker rooms open to sign up for rakeback later and now is the best time. There are endless poker players in the poker world that kick themselves for not getting rakeback and now they have signed up for every major poker room and skin. Do not let this happen to you.


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For a player that plays up to $1/$2 and only plays when clearing bonuses you are receiving in most cases around 100% rakeback for bonus your play. A major poker room recently closed accounts of players who used their poker room only for this purpose. Nobody knows for sure if this will become a new trend. If it does then a rake back deal is imperative, especially on a large network like Party Poker. If the skins make this a common practice you may be forced to give all of your action to one skin and then you will wish you were getting rakeback. On top of that your bonus only comes off your rakeback, after you clear your bonus you will be earning the percent you were offered by your Rake Rebate Review affiliate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

One day you may find your best game and become extremely successful if you are not already. You may also find yourself unemployed with poker as your only income. If this happens and you play $5/$10 and play 30,000 hands a month like a full time pro plays you are leaving around $2000 on the table every month. I was injured in an on the job accident and stumbled upon internet poker during my off time and never looked back. That was over two years ago and I have not had a job since thanks to internet poker and rakeback. I am sure there are endless stories similar to mine. It is great idea to look ahead. Think of it as an investment even if you do not think rakeback is right for you now it could be a great deal in the future, there is nothing to lose. If you are considering signing up for a new poker room signing up for rake back is a must. You may play at this room simply to clear the bonus and love the software or find the games easy to beat. If this happens and you did not get rake back then you will lose money every day you play and if you clear the bonus and leave then you lost nothing.

Rake Rebate Review is proud one of the most reputable affiliate in the world. Rake back is a craze that has hit internet poker. Do not get left behind. It is as easy as visiting a Rake Rebate Review partner website or as simple as sending an email. Start your online poker journey today!

What is rake?

Rake is the money taken out of the pot by the house. Depending on the limit it can be from $.05-$3.00.

What is rakeback or rake back?

Rakeback is a percent of the rake paid back to you for playing at a poker site. Serious players earn thousands of dollars a month just in rakeback. When you sign-up for a rakeback deal via RRR your rakeback money is usually paid automatically by the poker room directly to your poker account. However, sometimes your rakeback money will be paid to your Neteller account.

What is a rakeback affiliate?

A rakeback affiliate such as RRR is a site that helps promote online poker rooms. In return we are paid a percent of the rake collected from poker players that sign up via us. Each month we pass on the vast majority of our cut from poker rooms to our players.

I am already signed up at a room, can I get rake back there?

No. You can, however, on some networks switch skins and play on the same network.

What is a skin?

A skin is a group of poker rooms that share are on the same poker network. For example Cryptologic skins would include InterPoker and Sun Poker and a handful other rooms. Players at all of these rooms play in the same games. Most networks will allow you to sign up under all skins regardless of the number of rooms on the network you are already signed up for.

How does the poker room come up with my rake amount?

The rooms use a formula called Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR) a ka net rake. This is the amount from which your rakeback is calculated, i.e. if your rakeback percentage is 30 and your MGR is $1,000 you would get $300 in rakeback.

To calculate your MGR some rooms subtract any bonuses earned during the month, while others don’t. The same goes for whether or not tournament fees are included in MGR. Rooms also have different methods for calculating your share of the actual rake. Some poker rooms use what is called contributed rake where you must participate in the pot to have rake credited. Others use the dealt method where you are credited with rake in every hand where you’re dealt cards.Read more about how a certain poker room calculates rake by visiting its page here on RRR.

Will I get a sign-up bonus when I sign up for a rakeback deal?

In most cases yes. Read more about a certain poker room’s sign-up bonus by visiting its page here on RRR. Please note that in some cases this bonus will be subtracted from your net rake.

Can my spouse, parent, brother, sister, roommate or anyone else that shares my computer have an account at the same poker room as me?

Usually, but they will need to get their own funding source for their account. You usually can not share Neteller or Firepay accounts with them. You may however transfer them money at most poker rooms. Signing up underage people, pets, appliances, lawn gnomes or some other figment of your imagination just to get a rakeback deal is fraud. You risk the poker room asking for ID and then having your account frozen and funds confiscated. It will also be hard to fund this account as it is not possible to get Neteller accounts for these fantasies.

I am looking for rake back at Party Poker or Poker Stars, why can't I find one?

These two rooms do not currently support rakeback. Other poker rooms that do not offer rakeback include 888 and Paradise Poker. Should any of this change we will quick to provide you with rakeback deals from these poker rooms.