William Hill Poker Rakeback

Unfortunately we don’t offer rakeback deals with William Hill at this time. However, if you like William Hill we suggest that you check out our rakeback offer from InterPoker. William Hill and InterPoker are on the same network (Cryptologic), which means that the two share software as well as players.

William Hill uses the dealt rakeback method. Bonuses are not deducted and tournament fees are not included in MGR.

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William Hill is a large poker room that is part of a network known as Cryptologic. This network has many skins. It is unique in that it allows players to play in US Dollars, Pounds, or Euros. Being tied into such a large casino brings in many fish, especially in short handed games. The games offered are holdem, omaha, omaha high/low and seven card stud. They also offer one on one holdem tables as well as single and multi table tournaments. PokerPlex does not have a casino like the other Crypto skins.

Game Selection

The game selection varied greatly. The best games were during normal primetime for Europeans which is about noon until 7pm ET. The limits range from $1/$2 to $150/$300. Pot limit and no limit games range from $.50/$1 to $5/$10. These limits can be found in U.S. dollars, Euros or Pounds. There are no micro limit games. There is almost always a game at the limit you want in holdem. Omaha and stud games are much harder to find. The limit 6 max short handed tables were much easier and better games, especially at the $1/$2 limit. The full 10 seat tables were average to slightly below average but if you look for just the right game several good ones can be found, especially in Pounds or Euros. The no limit and pot limit games were about average in quality.

William Hill Poker Skins

Cryptologic skins include Betfair, Caribbean Sun, Classic Poker, Littlewoods, Poker Plex, Ritz Club London, Total Bet, UK Betting and William Hill. Ritz Club London does not allow U.S. players. You are allowed to have an account at each skin and take the monthly bonuses from each.


Tournaments are only offered in holdem. Single table tournaments are offered from $5-$500. Limit, no limit and pot limits tournaments are offered. The best ones I found were at the $10 level. The entry fee is the same $1 at $5 as it is $10 and the games were just as soft. Multi tables ranged from $2 to the $250,000 guaranteed $320 tournament. There are multi table tournaments all day long with large prize pools.

Financial Options

Deposit Methods
William Hill accepts checks, Citadel, credit cards, debit cards, checking account debit, Firepay, Neteller, wire transfers and money orders.

Cashout Methods
Cash outs can be paid out by Checks, Neteller, wire transfers, Citadel and Firepay. William Hill is the only Crytologic skin that does not require a PIN to be mailed before cashing out.


This room has the highest rake on the internet. The rake in these rooms is a flat 5% for pot limit and no limit games. In limit they rake $.25 per $5 up to $3. These are the same increments if you play in U.S. Dollars, Pounds or Euros. If you play $1/$2 you are better off playing in Pounds or Euros as the rake increments will be further apart due to the exchange rate even though these tables will be a slightly higher limit. Unlike most rooms $1/$2 rakes up to a max of $3, most rooms stop at $1. The max in all games is $3. As you work your way up in limits you are better off playing in U.S. Dollars. The reason for this is that a game that rakes 3 Pounds is nearly $6 U.S. and $3 Euros is almost $4 in U.S. dollars. Like most rooms there is no rake in hands that did not reach a flop.


Support has been average in quality and response times.

Software Quality and Features

The software is very slow and uses more resources then most poker rooms. I have found it very difficult to play 3 tables at once because the lag from the resource drain is so bad. Also when I had any lag in my ISP the software would shut down if it timed out and I would have to restart it. These are made worse by the fact they took away all in disconnect protection.

There is an annoying feature that even if you hit fold before the action got to you the game window pops up when it gets to you making the advance action buttons useless since it would just pop up on your turn anyway. Another annoyance is when a hand is over the game window pops up when a player wins a hand even if you folded. If you only play one table at a time this is not a big deal. For players who multi table or play on multiple sites at once this is especially annoying.

This room and others in the Cryptologic group are great for those looking for monthly reload bonuses. Many online pros play every one of these skins to take advantage of these great offers. There is a great game selection and often times the quality of these games are good, especially the short handed games. All of the names in this group have a great reputation from either being a big sports book or big casino. A few upgrades in software and support and this will be a top rated room.