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Ultimate Bet is one of the leading online poker rooms. When it comes to high stakes games, UB is second to none. With the Ultimate Bet rakeback deal we offer you can get more than a third of your rake back. The only drawback with UB is that the competition is somewhat tougher than at many other poker rooms.

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Ultimate Bet Info

Rakeback: 30%

  • Rake Payout: Your money is transferred to your Ultimate Bet account by Ultimate Bet, By the 18th of the following month
  • Rake Stats Updates on RRR: Daily - available when you sign in to your member-accoubt.
  • Rake Calculation: Ultimate Bet uses “dealt rakeback” method, all active players in a hand “contributes” with rake. If there are 10 players in a hand and the rake is $3 all players have paid $0.3 in rake (3/10 = 0.3).


  • Sign-up Bonus: 111% up to $1100
  • Jurisdiction: Kahnawake
  • U.S. Players: Yes
  • Network: Cereus

Player Volume

  • Low Stakes: High
  • Mid Stakes: Medium
  • High Stakes: Medium
  • SNGs: Medium
  • MTTs: Medium

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Use the above link and follow the sign up instructions on RakeBrain.com to sign up for rakeback.

Full Review

Ultimate Bet is one of the largest poker rooms in the industry. At peak hours there are about 3,500 players in the cash-game section and 15,000 playing tournaments. For an independent poker room that is impressive numbers. Ultimate Bet game selection is better than industry average. They offer Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha high/low, Seven card stud, Seven card stud high/low as well as uncommon games such as Pineapple, Pineapple high/low, Triple draw ace-5, and Triple draw 2-7. The limits range from micro to high stakes, NL Hold'em can for example be played up to $50/$100 and Limit Hold'em up to $300/$600. Another unusual feature is the kill and half kill games. If back to back pots of 5 big bets or more are won by the same player then the limits increase and the winning player must post a kill blind which in a full kill game is double the normal big blind, in half kill it is 50% more then the big blind.

Unfortunately the competition at Ultimate Bet is tougher than the average poker room. At the lowest limits the games are quite easy to beat but after getting to the $1/$2 level one must look harder for good games. At this limit, and higher, the 6 max tables become much better games. Many maniacs can be found at $1/$2-$5/$10 6 max tables. One can still find good 10 player games they are just fewer and further between.

Ultimate Bet is a great place for a beginner to start out. They offer rake free penny games and games for Ultimate Points which will give a new player a much better learning experience the playing in normal play money games.

Rake Info

The rake structure varies greatly from the best rates on the internet for high limit no limit games, to the worst rake schedule on the internet for low limits. No limit and pot limit games rake $.05 per $1 and is capped at $3. The maximum rake in 2-3 handed games is $1, 4-5 handed games maximum rake is $2, games with 6 or more players rake up to $3. The rake is taken at more frequent intervals than in most other poker rooms which result in higher effective rake.