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InterPoker sees some very impressive player traffic during evenings in Europe. The poker room also offers some extremely loose games. InterPoker is known to offer very generous bonuses to its players (including frequent reload bonus opportunities). Other poker rooms on the same network (Cryptologic) include Sun Poker and William Hill.

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Inter Poker Info

Rakeback: 30%

  • Rake Payout: Paid automatically by Inter Poker to your poker account, around the 2nd of the following month
  • Rake Stats Updates on RRR: Daily - available when you sign in to your member-accoubt.
  • Rake Calculation: InterPoker poker uses dealt rakeback method, which means that all active players in a hand "contributes" with rake. If there are 10 players in a hand and the rake is $3 all players "pay" $0.3 in rake (3/10 = 0.3). Tournament fees are included in the Net Rake/MGR and bonuses are not deducted. Like most rooms InterPoker has a "no flop no drop" policy. If a pot doesn't reach the flop, no rake is taken


  • Sign-up Bonus: 100% up to $500
  • Jurisdiction: Curacao
  • U.S. Players: No
  • Network: IPN/Boss

Player Volume

  • Low Stakes: High
  • Mid Stakes: High
  • High Stakes: Medium
  • SNGs: Medium
  • MTTs: Medium

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Full Review

The game selection varies greatly. The best games are during normal primetime for Europeans which is about noon until 7pm ET. The limits range from $0.25/$0.5 to £150/£300. Pot limit and no limit games range from $.50/$1 to £40/£80. There are always games going on at every stake in the Hold'em section, Omaha games is harder to find though.

Chryptologic offers some of the "easiest-to-beat" games in the online poker world. Especially the No Limit Hold'em games are packed with players that "donk their chips away" with bad holdings. The standard of the players are, for some reason, worse at the "pound"-tables. Even though the rake is higher at these tables, at least at high limits, you are sometimes able to earn more money there. A tight and solid strategy is often enough to beat most of the players. Players tend to pay you off when you have a hand anyway.

InterPoker and other skins in the Cryptologic network often offer reload bonuses. Many online pros have accounts on every one of these skins to benefit from these great offers. All of the names in this group have a great reputation from either being a big sports book or big casino.

View Inter Poker's new Rake Structure here.

Rake Info

Inter Poker's rake is a flat 5% for pot limit and no limit games. In Fixed Limit they rake $.25 per $5 up to $3. These are the same increments if you play in U.S. Dollars, Pounds or Euros. If you play $1/$2 you are better off playing in Pounds or Euros as the rake increments will be further apart due to the exchange rate, even though these tables will be a slightly higher limit. Unlike most rooms all stakes rake up to a max of $3, most rooms stop at $1 at the lower limits. The max rake in all games is $3, except in $25/$50 NL where the max rake is $5. As you work your way up in limits you are better off playing in U.S. Dollars. The reason for this is that a game that rakes 3 Pounds is nearly $6 U.S. and 3 Euros is almost 4 U.S. dollars.

Cryptologic has recently lowered the rake for shorthanded play.

View Inter Poker's new Rake Structure here.