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Betfair has recently moved from Cryptologic Network to create an independent poker client. Some online-poker players might recognize their new software since it previously was used by Poker Champs, a site many serious players fancied. If you play at many tables simultaneously Betfair is the obvious choice. You can play up to six tables at the same time and the games are easily overviewed. Together with easy-to-beat games and 30% rakeback you have a chance to a fortune here.

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Betfair Poker Info

Rakeback: 30%

Cryptologic skins include Betfair, Caribbean Sun, Classic Poker, Interpoker, Littlewoods, Poker Plex, Ritz Club London, Total Bet, UK Betting and William Hill. Ritz Club London does not allow U.S. players. You are allowed to have an account at each skin and take the monthly bonuses from each.

  • Rake Payout: Paid by Betfair to your poker account., Twice a month on the first and third Thursday
  • Rake Stats Updates on RRR: Daily - available when you sign in to your member-accoubt.
  • Rake Calculation: Betfair uses contributed rakeback method, which means that you only get rakeback on money you actually contribute with. This system is beneficial for those who have a loose playing style and are involved in many pots, whereas super-tight players are better off with the “dealt rakeback method”. Tournament fees are included but any sign-up bonus is deducted from gross rake before the rakeback is calculated.


  • Jurisdiction: UK
  • U.S. Players: No
  • Network: Betfair

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Full Review

Betfair recently made the decision to leave Cryptologic network to create an independent poker room. They bought Poker Champs, known for being endorsed by Gus Hansen and Erik Sagstrom, in late 2006 and is now in the start-up phase of running an own poker client.

Betfair is constantly growing and there are more active players now than Poker Champs ever had. This is an agreeable piece of news, because this software is too good to left unused. The software is created for the serious player, and Betfair is the best client on the net for those who play at many tables simultaneously. When you log on you choose weather you want to play at a single table, enlarged single table, two tables, four tables or six tables. Betfair's software also support note taking and has info about flop percentages, average pot size, and hands dealt per hour.

There are many loose games at the lower limits where a good player can build a decent bankroll quite fast. This combined with the sizable sign-up bonus make Betfair a perfect place to start an online-poker career. Betfair also offers quite a few games at mid and high limits as well, the competition is of course tougher there, but it is possible to find beatable games from time to time.

Rake Info

Rake is deducted from every cash game pot at a rate of 5%. In limit games up to $1/$2 the rake is capped at the same amount no matter how many players are involved in the pot: 5c/10c (10c cap), 10c/20c (20c cap), $1/$2 ($1 cap). Limit games, $2/$4 and above, has different caps depending on the number of players involved in the hand; 2 players ($1 cap), 3-4 players ($2 cap) 5-9 players ($3 cap).

In no and pot limit games with blinds up to 5c/10c Betfare deducts 1c for each 20c in the pot. The cap depends on the number of players in the pot: 2 players ($1 cap), 3-4 players ($2 cap) 5-9 players ($3 cap). All no and pot limit games above that are raked with 5c for each dollar with the same caps as in the micro limit games.