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Absolute Poker has grown into a decent-sized poker room with some high stakes games available. AP has also worked hard at improving its software, something that has resulted in a pleasant playing experience. Another big plus for rakeback players is that Absolute's huge sign-up bonus isn't deducted when the poker room calculates how much rakeback you will get.

**Important notice for US players**

As of 2007-02-22 Absolute Poker will deduct the following processing fees when calculating the net rake for US players:

*Merchant processing fees,*Charge backs,*Processor default,*Tourney deductions,*Any other agreed upon deductions.

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Absolute Poker Info

Rakeback: 30%

  • Rake Payout: Your money is automatically transferred by Absolute Poker to your poker account, by the 18th the following month
  • Rake Stats Updates on RRR: Daily - available when you sign in to your member-accoubt.
  • Rake Calculation: Absolute Poker uses dealt rakeback method, which means that all active players in a hand “contributes” with rake. If there are 10 players in a hand and the rake is $3, all players have paid $0.3 in rake (3/10 = 0.3). Tournament fees are included in the Net Rake/MGR and bonuses are not deducted.


  • Sign-up Bonus: 100% up to $500
  • Jurisdiction: Costa Rica
  • U.S. Players: Yes
  • Network: Cereus

Player Volume

  • Low Stakes: Medium
  • Mid Stakes: Medium
  • High Stakes: Low
  • SNGs: Medium
  • MTTs: Medium

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Use the above link and follow the sign up instructions on RakeBrain.com to sign up for rakeback.

Full Review

Absolute Poker has been growing steadily since they started in 2003. They now have a decent player base and can offer quite a few games. The Limit Hold'em games range from $0.02/$0.04 to $150/$300 and the big blind is set to $25 at the highest No Limit Hold'em tables. A rare thing about the NL tables is that players are allowed to buy in for up to 200 big blinds instead of the usual 100. Absolute Poker offers a wide range of limits in Omaha, but there are only games going on at the small limits. Stud games are very rare.

The software has been greatly improved and seems to have an update several times a week. There are still a few minor bugs that need to be worked out. The major memory leak bug and hand history lag bug appears to have been fixed recently and support assures me the other known issues are a priority. Hand histories are Poker Tracker supported.

Absolute Poker is one of the fastest growing rooms on the internet and offers games in almost any limit you would want to play 24/7. There are weekly reload bonuses, sometimes more then once a week. These bonuses can be stacked for up to 60 days. You must wait 48 hours after depositing to cash-out and if you withdraw within 12 hours of a reload bonus you disqualify for it.

Rake Info

Absolute poker has a "no flop no drop" policy meaning that there is no rake taken in hands that don't reach the flop. The rake is 5% which is about industry average. The rake is capped at $3, but the cap is lower at low limit games or if the game is played short handed.