CardRoom Poker Rakeback

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a rakeback deal with CardRoom Poker at this time.

Cardroom Poker uses the contributed rakeback method. Bonuses are deducted and tournament fees are not included in MGR.


CardRoom is a skin on the PokerHost network. CardRoom uses Dobrosoft software. Limit games range from $.02/$.05 up to $100/$200. The highest game I have seen is $5/$10 no limit. Almost every game is either a no limit or pot limit game.


CardRoom runs many guarantees and point buyin tournaments. Almost all of their tournaments have a $5 or less buyin. Some do however have layover and frequent players can buy into these tournaments with their accumulated points.

Financial Options

Deposit Methods
Credit cards, Neteller, Firepay, and ICC.

Cashout Methods
Cashouts can be made by Neteller, Firepay, checks, money transfers and ICC.


The rake is very high for most games. Games under $1/$2 rake $.05 per $1, $1/$2-$3/6 rake $.25 per $5, $3/$6 through $5/$10 rake $.50 per $10 and $10/$20 rakes $1 per $20. This is for limit, no limit or pot limit


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