Betsson Poker Rakeback

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a rakeback deal with Betsson at this time.

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Betsson is a good poker room for a number of reasons. They have a large player base and there is always action at all limits. They offer some of the softest games in the industry, especially in low and mid limit games.

They use "contributed method" when calculating the rakeback, which is beneficial for players who are involved in many pots.


Betsson is a part of one of the largest poker network in the online industry; Poker Network. At peak hours there are more than 25, 000 players in the tournament section and about 5, 000 playing in ring-games. The game variety is good. Betsson offers the most popular forms of Hold'em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud and also Five Card Draw, both limit and pot limit. Betsson offers games for all types of players. The stakes range from $0.25/$0.50 up to $300//$600.

Betsson's software is really good. The tables have an elegant design with different avatars for every seat at the table. However, these avatars are optional, which is good for us that are only in it for the poker. The software is available in a "no-download" version that suits Linux and Mac users perfectly. The lobby information shows average pots, percentage of players seeing the flops, hands played per hour and rake structure.

The competition is really soft at the lower limits. It is not unusual that 50% of the players take a look at the flop. That percentage indicates loose games which can be very prosperous for the skilled poker player. The competition gets tougher at the higher limits but I would say that the mid and high limit games are easier to beat than in the average poker room.

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Betsson uses 3 variables when calculating the rake. 1) The type of game (Limit or No/Pot Limit). 2) The number of players in the hand. 3) Pot size, in big blind multiples. The limit games are capped at 1 big bet or $3 when there are more than 12 big bets in the pot. No and Pot limit games have a 2 big bet cap or $3 when there are more than 32 big blinds in the pot.

The rake is about industry average except in small pots where the rake is slightly higher.