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Unfortunately we are unable to offer Party Poker rakeback at this time.

Party Poker is the largest online poker room. It usually has four times the number of ring game players and double the number or tournament players as second place does. The ring games are often the easiest to beat on the internet. They are often full of passive players who will call just about any draw to the river. The best holdem games on the internet can be found at Party Poker's $25 no limit 6 max, $1/$2 6 max and $5/10 6 max. A player with just average short handed skills should be able to profit in these games.

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Rakeback: %

Empire Poker is the only skin of Party Poker. Party Poker recently took over Empire Poker's player base.

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  • Jurisdiction: Gibraltar
  • U.S. Players: No
  • Network: Party Poker

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Rake Info

You will find some of the highest rake on the internet at Party Poker, especially in the lowest limits. A $5 pot can have as much as a 10% rake depending on the limit. The tables below show the entire rake structure.

Table Limit: $.50/$1 and $1/$2

Pot Size Rake

$5 $.50

$12 $.75

$20 $1.00

Table Limit: $2/$4-$10/$20

Pot Size Rake

$20 $1.00

$30 $1.50

$40 $2.00

$50 $2.50

$60 $3.00

Table Limit: $15/$30 and $30/60

Pot Size Rake

$40 $1.00

$55 $1.50

$70 $2.00

$85 $2.50

$100 $3.00

No Limit & Pot Limit Tables: No limit and pot limit games rake $.05 per $1 maximum rake $3. The maximum rake in 2-3 handed games is $1, 4-5 handed games maximum rake is $2, games with 6 or more players rake up to $3